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Why Do Air Barriers Really Matter?

By essentially “wrapping” the building, air barriers ensure that the building is protected from the effects of airflow and air leakage. The main purpose of an air barrier is to prevent air leakage through the building envelope. Uncontrolled air circulation can cause heat loss resulting in high energy costs, not to mention an increase in the risks of condensation and mold growth in the assembly.

4 Benefits of Air Barriers

Conditioned Air

Preventing the loss of conditioned air

Utility Bills

Lowering utility bills

Preventing Moisture Damage

Preventing moisture damage

Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality

Choosing the Right Permeable Air Barrier

Several factors must be considered when selecting an air-barrier membrane for a wall design. Learn more about choosing the right permeable air barrier.

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An Innovative and Effective Vapor-Permeable Air Barrier

REDZONE STICK VP is a self-adhesive vapor-permeable air-barrier membrane with a trilaminated polypropylene complex on its surface. Used in wall construction, it stands out due to its unmatched adhesive properties. Its width and self-adhesive underface, protected by a silicone release film, make it very easy to install. It can be used on most building surfaces such as masonry, concrete, wood, and gypsum.

  • Requires no primer
  • Adheres better than competitors’ products
  • Withstands up to 180 days of UV exposure when uncovered
  • Ensures continuous waterproofing as it is a self-sealing membrane, ensuring continuous waterproofing

6 Reasons to Choose REDZONE STICK VP over Its Main Competitors


Perfect for doors and windows

Self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric bitumen (25 mils) and a trilaminated woven polyethylene. It is used as an air/vapor barrier around door and window frames.

  • Provides a continuous air/vapor barrier
  • Eliminates drafts and water leaks
  • Has a consistent thickness

How to Install Our Waterproofing Membrane for Doors and Windows


Superior adhesion in a wide range of temperatures
RESISTO ALL-WEATHER FLASHING TAPE is a self-adhesive rubberized butyl membrane designed for air and vapor barrier waterproofing as a window flashing membrane and for openings and transitions, while offering excellent adhesion even in cold weather.
  • Superior adhesion in a wide range of temperatures from 5 °F to 149 °F (-15 °C to 65 °C) without primer
  • Strong adhesion to most common construction materials, including PVC
  • Self-sealing around nails, screws, and fasteners
  • Thin tape suitable for corners and sidings for doors and windows
  • UV resistant for 180 days.

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