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About Us

The Company

Established in 1996, RESISTO, a division of SOPREMA, specializes in the manufacture of renovation and construction products for residential and commercial buildings.

Whether for roofing, waterproofing, wall systems or insulation, RESISTO offers professional-quality, easy-to-install and accessible products and solutions.

Each year, thousands of contractors and consumers choose RESISTO for the quality of its products and its personalized service.


Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Quality lies at the heart of our business, from our mission statement to our daily operations. Our commitment to excellence in quality is proven by the long-term performance of our installed roofs. On a global basis, the company operates a worldwide standardization process, meaning you get the same quality product at any SOPREMA Group location. Our Quality Compliance Certificate program allows product data to be pulled straight from the manufacturing line to ensure consistency every time.

With the backing of a global R&D department, RESISTO’s capabilities are quite extensive, with research and product development coming from state-of-the-art laboratories in facilities operated with an emphasis on sustainable development. In the U.S., our R&D chemists are responsible for working closely with RESISTO experts, architects and contractors to develop innovative, cutting-edge advancements and technologies.

Our Global Mission

Ensure company growth and profitability by:

  • innovation and business opportunities
  • autonomy and the skills of our employees
  • the efficient production of quality products
  • the best technical support in the industry
  • synergy between various sectors of the company
  • the sale of products for roofing, waterproofing, wall systems and civil engineering projects.

Our Global Vision

To be the leader in the areas of development, production and sale of products that meet and exceed the requirements of our markets.

Our Global Values

Integrity and Respect
Integrity and respect should be the basis of our relationship with clients, suppliers, colleagues and the collective building industry.

We commit to excellence in all our endeavors. We must show proof of judgment, professionalism, rigor, personal discipline, perseverance, team spirit and a customer-centered attitude.

The Environment
Our activities and growth should take place against a backdrop of sustainable development aimed at reducing harmful effects on the environment as much as possible.



Since its inception, RESISTO has earned itself a strong position in the hardware stores and full-line stores of the Canadian market, starting in Québec.

In 2009, with its focus on the distribution market, RESISTO began to rapidly grow in the United States as well. It is expanding each and every year thanks to the company’s widespread and highly skilled sales force.


Technical Support

RESISTO is totally dedicated to its customers from coast to coast, providing reliable expert technical support that is available to you anywhere.



Proud of its history and success, RESISTO is more motivated than ever to keep moving forward on the path of innovation in an ever-changing market. Here are some highlights of RESISTO’s history:



SOPREMA adds a unit to its plant to manufacture selfadhesive waterproofing membranes for roofs. This same unit also allows SOPREMA to launch the RESISTO product range for the residential market.


Our first product dedicated to the soundproofing market is invented: INSONOMAT. A few years later, this innovation, and all the others that followed, allowed RESISTO to become a standard in the field of acoustic insulation.


INSONOMAT is named Innovative Product of the Year by the APCHQ (Québec Association of Residential and Construction Professionals).


Acquisition of Les Produits Expertseal, Inc. located in Mercier, Québec, a manufacturer of protective products for asphalt surfaces. These products are now sold under the RESISTO brand.


Buying of the assets of Poly-Tech Radiant in Beauport, Québec, a manufacturer of a range of reflective insulation, which is now sold under the name “AYR-FOIL”. This new acquisition in the insulation field nicely complements the wide range of products already offered by RESISTO to retailers.


RESISTO is given the “Partner” mention at the Home Depot Charity Classic.


RESISTO wins the “Gold-Level Partner – Materials Division” award of Chalifour Canada.


RESISTO is named “Supplier of the Year” by Réno-Dépôt.


Opening of the polyisocyanurate manufacturing plant in Drummondville, Québec.


Acquisition of Benolec, a manufacturer of cellulosic products. Sold under the name “SOPRA-CELLULOSE”, the products resulting from this acquisition are also distributed by RESISTO.

Acquisition of Chem Link, a polymer manufacturer providing high-performance adhesives, sealants, coatings, and other related products.


Purchase of land in Woodstock, Ontario, to build an SBS-modified bitumen membrane manufacturing plant.


Opening of the extruded polystyrene (XPS) manufacturing plant in Sherbrooke, Québec. These panels—sold under the name “SOPRA-XPS”—are also distributed by RESISTO and are added to its line of insulation products.

Acquisition of Derbigum Americas, an enterprise specialized in the production of APP and modified-bitumen products with a full line of adhesives, sealants and primers for roofs.


RESISTO wins the Conquérant Award at the AQMAT Reconnaissance Gala.  This award honours a company that demonstrates business growth through acquisitions, marketing strategies, or export activities.

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Brand Resource

On this page, you will find the graphic elements (logos and colours) as well as the guidelines applicable to the use of the RESISTO brand. The consistent use of the brand protects its identity, and helps people recognize RESISTO easily.


  • In a text, always write the word RESISTO in all capital letters.


  • Do not use the name RESISTO in the plural form nor as a verb.
  • Do not claim any rights to the RESISTO brand by registering a trademark or a domain name or by any other means.
  • Do not modify RESISTO brand elements in any way, like changing the design or the colour.
  • Do not present the RESISTO brand in the following manners:
    • Implying partnership, sponsorship, or recommendation without prior authorization;
    • Having it as the most distinctive or outstanding element of your creation.

Logo Section

By downloading these logos, you certify that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use.


  • Always maintain the logo proportions.
  • The logo must always be accompanied by the “registered” symbol (®).
  • Keep enough space around RESISTO brand elements for a clear, uncluttered look.
  • Keep a minimum width of one inch for the logo.

Colour Section


PMS 485
CMJN 0 – 95 – 100 – 0
RVB 218 – 41 – 28


PMS 2336
CMJN 76 – 69 – 68 – 33
RVB 78 – 75 – 72


Packaging Section

Download the visuals of the RESISTO product packaging.

Standard Guide

Download the RESISTO Standard Guide for more information on the guidelines applicable to the use of the brand.

Download the RESISTO Standard Guide
resisto_brandbook_en pdf 156 KB

“Foremost, I’m a father of two. They are my pride and joy, they motivate me in my role at RESISTO to find solutions that help protect the planet to ensure a sustainable future for them.”

– Martin Côté, Vice-President of RESISTO


Sustainable development is a growing part of our lives. As a manufacturer of construction and renovation products and materials, RESISTO firmly intends to assume its responsibilities and improve its practices.

Here are the three strengths of RESISTO in terms sustainable development:


Training is essential to ensure the quality of the installation and performance of our products. That is why we help our customers through the different steps. A wide range of guides and video capsules are available to make life easier for installers and to develop their know-how.


In addition to always looking for solutions that simplify the installation, RESISTO works to reduce costs and lead times. Minimizing health and safety risks is also a priority. Also, both on-site and remote technical support is offered to customers.


Relying on quality means offering products that will remain efficient over time. In addition to increasing its sustainability, RESISTO wants its products to help reduce the overall impact of the building on health and the environment.


With this in mind, RESISTO initiated its thinking process on the strategies to be implemented in sustainable development in January 2019.


Do you have ideas for sustainable development at RESISTO?

Tell us how RESISTO can increase its contribution to sustainable development.

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