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The RESISTO name means performance and reliability. RESISTO offers a complete warranty program that lives up to its reputation. Simply choose the type of warranty to meet your needs and ensure your total peace of mind.


Warranty Selections

All products manufactured by RESISTO are automatically covered by a limited product replacement warranty. See the sample Limited Material Warranty below. For some purchasers, this will be all they require. Others may desire a particular type of assembly or system warranty. RESISTO offers additional types of warranties that are available for new and replacement roofing systems.


Sample Warranties

Sample warranties may be viewed below. If you do not see anything that meets your specific needs, please fill out the additional information request below.

RESISTO products

Limited material warranty

20-year limited material warranty

Two-ply roofing system

25-year limited material warranty

Three-ply roofing system

30-year limited material warranty



SOPREMA warranties

Click here to view and download warranties for SOPREMA products.


Additional Information

For inquiries not covered by the information on this page, click here to contact us.